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2021 Hunterdon County Budget: Tax Rate Freeze, Lower Than Fourteen Years Ago

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The Hunterdon County Board of Commissioners, on April 20, introduced a $92.293 million county budget that continues to spend substantially less than the nearly $100 million budget from fourteen years ago and freezes the county tax rate for the third consecutive year.

Commissioner Matt Holt, a member of the Board’s Budget Committee said, in introducing the budget, “The budget shows the county is spending less than it did in the past. The 2021 budget not only freezes the tax rate, it also remains substantially below the nearly $100 million budget from 2007, and is still even lower than the county budget from 2010, eleven years ago.

Board Director Susan J. Soloway stated, “The tax rate has been held steady over the course of the all three budgets during my term on the Board. It is a significant accomplishment for which I thank all who have been engaged in the process. As I have stated before, putting Hunterdon County first means putting the taxpayers first.”

Holt continued, “Last year when the Board introduced the budget with no tax increase, I said it was a remarkable achievement given the effects of the pandemic. And while it continues to be remarkable, I would also say it should not be surprising, due to this Board’s continuing policy of a conservative approach to spending, no debt, and significant financial controls.

Holt noted, “The 2021 Hunterdon County budget continues the Board’s no debt, pay as you go capital policy, provides sufficient funding to ensure the effective implementation of county responsibilities, maintains a flat tax rate, and continues this Board’s commitment to taxpayers for sound fiscal management.”

Commissioner Shaun C. Van Doren, who served as a Budget Committee member both in 2020 and 2021, pointed out, “The budget holds the county tax rate to 31.5 cents per $100 of property valuation, the same rate as in 2020, 2019 and 2018. It ensures the effective and efficient delivery of mandated county services, as well as those expected by the county’s residents.

And it does so without incorporating any of the promised federal American Rescue funds for which the U.S. Treasury Department must have rules and regulations in place by May 12.”

The public hearing on the budget will take place at the May 18, 2021 Board of Commissioners’ Meeting, at 5:30 pm.

Copies of the 2021 Hunterdon County budget are available at the County Finance Office, at the Main, North and South County Library branches, and on-line. Click here for a copy of the budget.

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