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Commissioner Soloway Speaks With Students About County Government At High Bridge Elementary School

County Commissioner, Susan Soloway, recently spent a morning at High Bridge Elementary School, sharing about the interworking’s of county government, with the combined 4th grade classes of, Ms. Lynn Hughes and Ms. Michelle Gomez.

Commissioner Soloway’s visit to the school on Thursday, March 16th , began with a presentation highlighting the various responsibilities of county government and included important discussions on topics about, Fire Training, Public Health and Safety, and the preservation of parks and farmland through the Open Space Trust Fund Plan.

“Maintaining recreational land, protecting our parks, and conserving farmland is so important for the preservation of our natural resources. The Open Space Plan allows for the upkeep of land in the county, along with initiating various grant programs to protect and restore historical facilities and sites. Open Space is a wonderful program that makes Hunterdon County special!”, said Soloway.

Additionally, projects implemented by the Hunterdon County Commissioner Board, were highlighted by Ms. Soloway, such as the recent plan to upgrade county government facilities with fiber optics cable, that will hopefully serve as a foundation for future expansion in Hunterdon County.

Ms. Soloway also shared about the new Polytech facility, that will offer expanded career and technical training for students through an all-day vocational program. When asked by a student, what was the hardest part about serving as a County Commissioner, Soloway shared, “Sometimes my commitments require me to spend time away from family, but I love working as a County Commissioner because I know that I am helping people in our community.”

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