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Hunterdon Board Honors 'Friendly Sons'

Hunterdon County Board Honors 'Friendly Sons'
Photo, left to right: 2021 Irishman Of the Year Gary White, 2022 Irishman of the Year Tom Mallon, Commissioner Director John E. Lanza, 2022 Grand Marshal David Bolduc, 2020 Parade Grand Marshal Richard B. Hall and 2020 Irishman of the Year Leo J. Frey III

Hunterdon County’s Commissioner Board, at the March 15th Board meeting, honored the County’s Friendly Sons of St. Patrick ‘Irishmen of the Year’ and Parade Grand Marshals from the last few years. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic but was held this year March 13th in Clinton. All of the men honored were recognized for their philanthropic and charitable contributions and community service. Commissioner Board Director John E. Lanza, a brother in the Friendly Sons who actively supports the charity, stated, “The brothers in the Friendly Sons are so supportive of one another, and this is something we at the county would like to recognize every time there is a parade. Each year, they have the Irishman of the Year and the parade’s grand marshal.  We had the COVID-19 pandemic hit the state in March 2020 and that cheated the Irishman of the Year and grand marshal out of being celebrated by this board at the time, and then with the pandemic continuing one year ago (March 2021) there was no grand marshal as there was no parade again, but there was an Irishman of the Year named.”

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