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Hunterdon Commissioners Host Virtual ‘Go Red For Women’ Event

Hunterdon Commissioners Host Virtual ‘Go Red For Women’ Event
Photo, left to right: Hunterdon County Administrator, Kevin P. Davis, Commissioner Director, John E. Lanza, and Commissioner Susan J. Soloway.

Hunterdon County Board of Commissioners Susan J. Soloway and Director John E. Lanza commemorated the American Heart Association’s ‘Go Red For Women’ with more than forty employees during a virtual lunch event with guest speaker, Dr. Andrey Espinoza, a well-respected local cardiologist and Hunterdon County resident.

Commissioner Soloway said, “Today we are gathering to bring awareness to the fact that heart disease and stroke causes one in three deaths among women, and to promote the healthy lifestyle changes that can prevent heart disease in both men and women.”

Weather issues moved the event typically held on the first Friday in February to Thursday, February 17th.

Participants were invited to bring a heart healthy lunch and listened to a presentation from Dr. Espinoza about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Espinoza mentioned that part of being healthy isn’t about being skinny, it’s about staying active and eating healthier foods.

Dr. Espinoza said, “You will extend your life by more than fifty percent if you get up off the couch and move versus reducing your life expectancy by being a ‘couch potato’. Even simple movement, such as going up and down stairs or vacuuming, make a difference.”

Director Lanza also thanked Dr. Espinoza and the Hunterdon County staff for virtually attending the event and for seeking ways to make healthy changes.

“This event serves to remind all of us that heart disease is a real and dangerous threat, but that there are courses

of action that we can all take to better our health. We should take the messages we received here today literally to heart,” Lanza concluded.

For more information about staying heart healthy visit the American Heart Association website.

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