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Readington Township Awarded $250,000 NJDEP Natural Climate Solutions Grant

Hunterdon County Commissioner Director Zach Rich recently announced that he was advised by the NJDEP that the Township of Readington will be awarded a $250,000 Natural Climate Solutions Grant which is aimed at creating, restoring, and enhancing New Jersey’s green spaces and tree canopies in urban areas, salt marshes and forests.

Director Rich stated, “I commend everyone involved at the municipal level in obtaining this significant grant on behalf of Readington Township, which is known for its strong record of environmental stewardship.”

Known as the Readington Township Meadow Afforestation, the project will plant native species of trees on 11 acres of selected open fields and meadows in Readington Township, returning these areas back to woodlands and reconnecting them with adjacent contiguous forests.

Robert Becker who served as project manager of the grant stated, “The Township established a goal in 2018 to preserve an additional 3,000 acres of land and achieve the protection of 40% of our total lands by 2050. As Readington continues to pursue this goal, our land stewardship responsibilities of these acquired properties becomes more important.”

Readington Township Mayor Juergen Huelsebusch added, “Readington Township has had a long history of open space and farmland preservation.”

The grant award to Readington Township was part of an overall $24.3 million in Natural Climate Solutions Grant funding announced by NJDEP Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette during a ceremony on January 18th at Mill Hill Park in Trenton.

Commissioner Director Rich noted, “Readington Township was the only municipality in Hunterdon County to receive this grant award and the Township’s selection is a testament to the merits of their grant application and the positive environmental impact that will result from their forestation plan.”

For more information on the Natural Climate Solutions Grant, click here.

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