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‘Go Red For Women’ Initiative Supported By Hunterdon County Board Of County Commissioners

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Encouraged

Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners Director Susan J. Soloway, on the behalf of the Board, encouraged County employees to wear red on February 5th, to recognize the American Heart Association’s (AHA) annual ‘Go Red For Women Day,’ which brings attention to the fact that heart disease remains a series health issue for women, and to remind County employees and all residents about the importance of a heart healthy lifestyle.

In a communication to employees, Director Soloway wrote, ‘the COVID-19 pandemic may have diverted attention away from other health concerns right now, however, heart disease remains a leading killer of women according to the American Heart Association.’

Director Soloway said, “Since 2018 the County has recognized the ‘Go Red For Women’ day with a heart healthy lunch, a speaker from a local cardiac physician’s office, and had the County’s Public Health Nurses provide blood pressure readings.”

Soloway added, “Although we aren’t able to gather this year because of the pandemic, I encouraged all of our employees to participate on February 5th by wearing red, eating a heart healthy lunch, committing to a more active lifestyle, making annual medical check-ups part of their routine, and forwarding a ‘Wear Red’ selfie to the County’s Instagram. (@mention: county_of_hunterdon)”

Employees were directed to the hashtag, #goredforwomen, on Instagram.

The AHA website says that cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of women and can even affect women in their early 20s. For the past seventeen years the ‘Go Red For Women’ initiative has served to inform a larger community of women about the dangers of cardiovascular disease.

“The AHA website states that 87% of all heart issues are preventable. With education, healthy lifestyle changes, research and regular medical care, women can be saved. Wearing red on ‘Go Red For Women Day’ is a small gesture showing we are committed to saving the lives of the women we work with, those we are friends with, and our family members,” Director Soloway said.

For more information visit, the American Heart Association’s website.

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