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Hunterdon County Commissioners Organize A Holiday Collection For 'SAFE In Hunterdon'

Hunterdon County Commissioners Organize A Holiday Collection For 'SAFE In Hunterdon'
(l-r): Deputy Director Jeff Kuhl; Executive Director for SAFE Lauren Bivona; President of Board for SAFE Jeannine Colalillo; Commissioner Susan Soloway.

From December 4th through the 18th, the Hunterdon County Commissioners sponsored a county-wide collection of items for SAFE In Hunterdon, an organization dedicated to the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Hunterdon County. 

On Thursday, December 21st, Deputy Director Kuhl and Commissioner Susan Soloway, delivered the collected items to SAFE, which were received by their Executive Director, Lauren Bivona; the Prevention and Outreach Coordinator, Gillian Drugos; and President of the Board, Jeannine Colalillo. 

Commissioner Deputy Director Jeff Kuhl shared, “SAFE In Hunterdon is a great organization dedicated to the supportive services necessary for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They offer safety, hope, and understanding to residents at a most critical time. We are thankful for all they do, and offering items collected through this donation is just a small token of our appreciation.” 

SAFE works in collaboration with community partners and providers to deliver trauma-informed services and resources needed to help survivors rebuild their lives and restore their safety after experiencing or witnessing interpersonal violence. 

Items that were donated included various cleaning products, paper goods, personal hygiene items, along with canned goods and non-perishable foods. These items will be utilized by clients of SAFE, who may be forced to leave an abusive situation immediately without their personal effects. 

Commissioner Soloway said, “My hope is that SAFE In Hunterdon will benefit greatly by these donated items and that they will provide a small sense of security and comfort to those who use them.” 

SAFE’s mission statement is to offer safety, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Hunterdon County, and also provide educational programming to the community with a focus on prevention. SAFE promotes a community with the strength and knowledge to support all individuals in their journey to maintain physical and emotional safety. 

If someone you know is currently experiencing abuse or in need of services, please contact SAFE on a 24/7 hotline at: 908-788-4044 or call the Main Office Line during normal business hours at: 908-806-0019. 

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