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Hunterdon County Commissioners Recognize Polytech Students For TheirExtraordinary Achievements

Several students from the Hunterdon County Polytech were honored at the December 19th, Board meeting by the County Commissioners. The students were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the 96th National FFA Convention & Expo on November 2, 2023, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students who participated in the competition were from the Hunterdon County Environmental Sustainability and Engineering Academy FFA Chapter and Hunterdon County Polytech (Animal Science) FFA Chapter.


Commissioner Director Zach Rich said, “I want to congratulate all the students from the Hunterdon County Polytech Program on these amazing achievements. This Board has always had a strong partnership with the Hunterdon County Vocational School District and feel that a strong vocational educational program is instrumental to the generational growth of tomorrow’s industry leaders here in Hunterdon County.” 

The following awards were given to members of the Hunterdon County Polytech community: 

  • The Animal Science chapter received a Bronze Award overall, and individual accolades were awarded to, Ayla Blankenbush for Gold, Brittney Svendsen for Silver, Anaya Barnwell and Dakota Meys for Bronze. 

  • Forestry ranked Bronze as a team, and Alyssa Perhsad, Juliann Bonomi, Kirstyn McKee, and Emily Robbins were ranked Bronze individually. 

  • Milk, Quality and Products was ranked Silver as a team, Natalie Hoffman was ranked Bronze individually, and Zoe Laffler, Lexi Porambo, and Tessa Jenkins-Hiscox were ranked Silver individually. 

  • Agronomy was ranked Silver as a team, Emma Wuerthner was ranked Bronze individually, and Nine Weiland, Luke DeFrange, and Ned Scannell were ranked Silver individually. 

Commissioner Director Rich concluded by sharing with the students, “You have all gained many tools at Polytech that give you a strategic advantage as compared to your peers. I encourage you to use those tools to keep pursuing your academic and personal dreams. I wish you continued success moving forward and again congratulations!” 

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