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Hunterdon’s Commissioners Recognize February as American Heart Health Month

The Hunterdon County Commissioners office along with the Department of Health, hosted a heart healthy event for County employees on Friday, February 17th. The event which has been hosted for several years, is a way for county staff to learn about the fun and easy ways to maintain a heart healthy diet while at work, or on the go.

Susan Saponara, the Registered Dietary Nurse (RDN) from Flemington Shoprite, gave an impassioned and interactive presentation on the food groups and how even the smallest changes can make a big difference. Heart disease has been a leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 120 million Americans living with a cardiovascular condition and claiming nearly 700,000 lives per year.

Commissioner Susan J. Soloway, liaison to the Hunterdon County Health Department was on hand and thanked the Public Health team along with Shoprite for their dedication to the health of County residents. “Hunterdon County believes in the importance of educating residents about heart health. Activities like exercising regularly, eating well and managing weight are key factors in preventing cardiovascular conditions.”

Avoiding habits like smoking, vaping and learning the signs of a heart attack or stroke can significantly reduce the risk of a cardiovascular condition or death. The threat of cardiovascular diseases touches almost every family in Hunterdon County. While heart conditions can be costly and deadly, they are also often preventable with access to appropriate health care.

Ms. Soloway emphasized, “Residents are able to obtain health services and screenings, like blood pressure monitoring and nutrition counseling through the County Health Department. I urge the community to take advantage of these services in order to embrace a heart healthy lifestyle.”

If you or someone you know is looking for more information about heart health and heart disease prevention, contact the Hunterdon County Department of Health Services at

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