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New Hunterdon Commissioner Kuhl Quotes Reagan As He Joins The Board

Brings Conservative Philosophy As He Succeeds Retired Commissioner Matt Holt

Photo: County Clerk Mary H. Melfi swears in Commissioner Jeff Kuhl as son Bryan, wife Darlene and daughter Lindsey look on.
Photo: County Clerk Mary H. Melfi swears in Commissioner Jeff Kuhl as son Bryan, wife Darlene and daughter Lindsey look on.

Quoting President Ronald Reagan that ‘less government is the best government’ and pledging to bring his business and local government experience, along with his conservative fiscal philosophy, to the Hunterdon Commissioner Board, Jeff Kuhl of Raritan Township was sworn in as Commissioner by County Clerk Mary H. Melfi, at the Hunterdon Board’s June 7th meeting.

Kuhl was chosen by the Hunterdon Republican County Committee, pursuant to state statute, to fill the vacancy left by the May 1st retirement of longtime Hunterdon Commissioner Matt Holt.

During remarks Kuhl indicated his key priorities include land preservation, economic development, and support for senior citizens.

Preserving Hunterdon’s Farming Heritage

Kuhl, a former Raritan Township Mayor who served for many years on the Raritan Planning Board, stated, “During my service in Raritan, I have been very engaged in the preservation of land – farmland and open space, to maintaining our farming heritage, and effectively creating recreational facilities for our residents to enjoy.

I look forward to being involved in applying the County’s significantly greater land preservation resources toward those same goals across the county.”

The new Commissioner was appointed by the Board as a County Planning Board member as one of his new assignments.

Leveraging Opportunities for Economic Growth

The Chief Operating Officer of Kuhl Corporation, Kuhl was named Economic Development liaison, and said, “As someone involved in the business culture of the private sector, I also intend to be as supportive as possible of the county economic development initiatives.

Leveraging the opportunities for economic growth in Hunterdon County is in the interest of all who live, invest, own businesses, and work here. And I also believe good government should run like a good business.”

Seniors Deserve Our Respect

Kuhl was also assigned as liaison for the County’s Department of Human Services, which includes the Senior Division. “I have always had a focus on support for our senior citizen community. The seniors of today paved the way for all the rest of us through their past years of hard work, service to the nation, and the contributions made to our communities.

Our seniors are deserving of our respect and the support that ensures their lives continue to be fulfilling, and that those in need are cared for. I have heard from many of our seniors about how much they value the county’s senior center and its programs. And I look forward to being creatively engaged in continuing and increasing that value,” Kuhl added during his remarks.

Conservative Philosophy

He also thanked his new colleagues for sharing his conservative fiscal philosophy.

“I know I join a great group of elected leaders who have consistently come through for the taxpayers and people of the county. I congratulate the Commissioners on freezing the county tax rate again this year at the same level as in 2018. That is quite an accomplishment,” Kuhl said.

A Legacy of Leadership

The new Commissioner thanked his family for their support throughout his years of public service.

Kuhl also thanked the members of the Hunterdon County Republican Committee for his selection to fill this vacancy, “It is humbling to be so honored. I follow a great Hunterdon County leader, Matt Holt, into this seat.”

Kuhl also noted the leadership of his late father, Henry Kuhl, who served as County Republican Chairman for 35 years, stating, “It goes without saying that the Hunterdon County Republican Committee is a special organization in the hearts of the Kuhl family.

I was incredibly proud of my father and his service to the community and his legacy of leadership of the Republican Committee. We are sad that he left us in January, and he cannot bear witness to my taking a seat at the County tonight, but he taught me to be honest, hardworking, and to respect others and that is how I live my life.”

Hunterdon County Board of Commissioners Director John E. Lanza was joined by Deputy Director Zachary T. Rich, and Commissioners Shaun C. Van Doren and Susan J. Soloway in welcoming the new Commissioner.

“We welcome Mr. Kuhl to the Board, and we particularly welcome the knowledge and experience he brings from his long involvement with both government and business and look forward to working cooperatively with him in the best interests of the people of the County,” Lanza said.

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