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Hunterdon Awarded $1.8 million In State Bridge Grants

Hunterdon County received notification that over $1.8 million in bridge infrastructure grant funds have been approved for three county projects, through the State’s Local Bridges Fund Program, Hunterdon County Commissioner Shaun C. Van Doren announced.

Van Doren, the Board’s liaison for the Department of Engineering and Public Works, said, “There have been many conversations in recent months about the infrastructure of our nation’s bridges, much of it negative, but today we have the good news that the County’s Engineering team has secured state grants for future bridge construction projects in the county.

Grant funding helps to reduce the overall County capital improvement costs for these projects which benefits county taxpayers.”

Van Doren reported the state Department of Transportation has approved grant applications for:

  • $700,000 for the replacement of Bridge E-243 on Van Lieus Road over Back Brook, located in East Amwell Township

  • $300,000 for the replacement of Bridge A-45 on County Route 619 over Harihokake Creek, located in Alexandria Township

  • $852,000 for the reconstruction of Bridge T-19-S, located in Tewksbury

Many of these projects are in addition to the bridges that were affected by Storm Ida which have been repaired or are now under repair.

“The bridge projects protect the safety of county residents and all those using our roadways. After Storm Ida, repairing and replacing damaged roads and bridges has been the priority for the county Department of Public Works and Engineering.

The Department deserves our thanks for providing safe travel while reducing the county’s costs,” Van Doren concluded.

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