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Hunterdon Commissioners Award County Polytech Grant To Upgrade HVAC System

New Filter System For School Will Minimize Spread of Contagions

An upgrade for the HVAC system is planned at the Hunterdon County Vocational School District’s Hunterdon Central facility, under a $383,000 American Rescue Fund grant awarded by the Hunterdon Board of Commissioners at the June 7th meeting.

The Board’s Deputy Director, Zach Rich, liaison to the Vocational School, stated, “We are advised the new HVAC units at the Polytech facility are needed to replace the fifteen-year-old rooftop system currently in place.

The new units will be capable of maintaining sufficient airflow exchange with higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rated filters, that will assist in minimizing the spread of viral contagions.

This will create a healthier environment for students and staff and is something that has become most important since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Rich added, “The Vocational District has requested the financial assistance and the county is in a position to act to assist the Vocational District with this project, through the American Rescue funds.

There is significant academic achievement happening at Polytech, as evidenced by the many recent scholarship awards and recognition gained by students, and I believe the county should provide assistance when the funds are available to do so, particularly where health protections are concerned.”

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