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Hunterdon County Administrator Announces Retirement

Hunterdon County Deputy Administrator Brad Myhre
Hunterdon County Deputy Administrator Brad Myhre

Hunterdon County’s Board of Commissioners have appointed Deputy Administrator Bradley Myhre, of Frenchtown, as the new County Administrator, effective July 11th, replacing the retiring Administrator Kevin Davis.

County Board of Commissioners Director John E. Lanza said, “The County is most fortunate to have a home-grown talent with the level of experience in county operations and educational background that Mr. Myhre brings to the position of Administrator.

The Board has the greatest confidence in Mr. Myhre’s ability to lead the County Administration and he is a perfect fit for our conservative approach to governing.”

Myhre, currently serves as the County’s Deputy Administrator and Clerk of the Board of Commissioners. He formerly served in several posts at the County, including as Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, and Human Resources Director. Myhre previously served on the staff of Congressman Leonard Lance.

A graduate of Delaware Valley Regional High School, Myhre holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lycoming College, as well as a Masters in Public Administration from Kutztown University, a Masters in Business Administration from Shippensburg University, and a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relations, from Penn State University.

Myhre stated, “I am both humbled and honored to be selected for the Administrator’s position by the Board. As a lifelong resident, that attended our local public schools, this opportunity is of special significance to me.

Maintaining our County as the safest, healthiest and best county will be my primary mission in this new position.”

Myhre was appointed to a five-year term, as provided by state law.

Myhre has served as Mayor of Frenchtown Borough, without salary, since his election in 2015.

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