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Hunterdon County Approves Updates To Comprehensive FarmlandPreservation Plan

Updated: May 6, 2023

At the May 2nd meeting, the Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution for an

update to the County’s Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan. The updated amendment for farmland preservation can have significant positive impacts on Hunterdon County’s

economy, environment, and its residents.

Since 1985, more than 36,000 acres of farmland have been preserved in Hunterdon County, and since the Farmland Plan was adopted in 2008, and the County has preserved more than 14,500 acres of farmland. The County Agricultural Development Board (CADB), determined that an update to the policies governing farmland preservation as outlined in the 2008 plan, was necessary to be eligible for funding through state funded grant programs.

Deputy Commissioner, Jeff Kuhl who also serves as the liaison to the Planning and Land Use

Department, stated, “Extensive research has been undertaken to identify the appropriate goals and policies that should govern the planning and implementation of future farmland

preservation projects, while adhering to the guidelines provided by the State Agricultural

Development Committee.

Approval of updating amendments that were incorporated in 2008, is imperative for the continued protection of farmland in Hunterdon County, which supports agro-tourism and eco- tourism initiatives, stabilization of property taxes, limit of urban development and traffic, which ultimately preserves the rural character of our county.”

Bob Hornby, Administrator for the Hunterdon County Agriculture Development Board shared,

“Work on this Plan has been a collective effort from the County Agriculture Development Board (CADB), County Planning Staff, and The Land Conservancy of NJ with guidance and financial assistance from the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC). Robust public comment has been considered throughout the process of creating this guidance document for the next ten years of farmland preservation as a cost-effective working lands initiative.”

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