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Hunterdon Awards Economic Development Grant to Union Township

Hunterdon County’s Economic Development and Tourism Director was on hand at the January 17th Commissioner Board meeting to announce an Economic Development Grant award to Union Township.

In a unanimous vote, the Commissioners approved awarding Union Township with funding toward the upgrade of their municipal website which creates a single point of access for town plans, ordinances, forms and applications, checklists, fees and timelines, and promotion of the Explore Hunterdon tourism brand.

Prior to the vote on the grant award, Commissioner Director Rich asked Mr. Saluk to provide an overview of the grant program for members of the public in attendance.

Mr. Saluk stated, "The Commissioner Board created the Economic Development Grant Program with the purpose of supporting municipal driven economic development projects including studying and enacting zoning reforms, more digitally friendly government, and programs aimed at driving local tourism.”

Mr. Saluk also noted, "Since its creation in 2017 the County has awarded 23 grants to 17 municipalities, totaling over $347,000. We are thrilled at the enthusiasm from the municipalities in growing their economic development and tourism initiatives.”

Union Township’s municipal website redesign and upgrade project is consistent with the County’s economic development goals and objectives, in which operating and funding recommendations are made in accordance with the program guidelines adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, including a requirement for 10% in matching funds to be contributed by the grant recipient.

Union Township Mayor, David DeGiralamo who was on hand at the meeting, thanked the Commissioners for the generous grant award to Union Township, which will make finding and accessing local government resources much more efficient in addition to highlighting the many great things to do throughout Hunterdon County.

Commissioner Director Zachary T. Rich voiced his support for assisting Hunterdon’s municipalities with this important grant program, which aligns with the Board’s ongoing efforts to support its local leaders with needed resources to help their communities.

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