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Hunterdon County Hosts Central New Jersey County Commissioners Association Meeting

Hunterdon County Hosts Central New Jersey County Commissioners Association Meeting

In addition to the Hunterdon County Board members, Director Zach Rich, Deputy Director Jeff Kuhl, Commissioner Susan Soloway, Commissioner Shaun Van Doren, and County Clerk Mary Melfi, there were representatives in attendance from Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Union Counties.

The meeting served as an opportunity for central New Jersey counties to network with colleagues, share resources and ideas, and advocate on behalf of the region. Program Specialist, Mary Evers from the Hunterdon County Economic Development & Tourism department was on hand to share commemorative giveaways and information about Hunterdon County’s recent successful program ‘Explore Hunterdon’.

Commissioner Susan Soloway, who also serves as the co-liaison to the Department of Economic Development & Tourism shared, “The Explore Hunterdon initiative focuses on 3 main offerings, agritourism, charming main streets and outdoor adventure. This initiative was originally created in 2016, during the creation of the Economic Development Department, to highlight tourism throughout the county.

Hunterdon County has numerous historic downtowns, plenty of great outdoor activities for individuals and families, tremendous farms and wineries, and many outstanding small businesses for residents and visitors to enjoy. We are thankful to the Department of Economic Development & Tourism, under the leadership of Director, Mark Saluk for their work in fostering the success of this marketing campaign. ”

Following Commissioner Soloway’s highlight of the ‘Explore Hunterdon’ website, Karen DeMarco, the Director for the Department of Health Services, shared about the expanding clinical services for residents, based on current needs within the community, as well as providing updated information regarding COVID.

Ms. DeMarco commented, “The Hunterdon County Health Department is pleased to expand services to protect the health of residents. Through the commitment and dedication of out staff, we are continuing to seek new and innovative programs to serve the community.”

The Health Department provides services for residents at offices in Flemington, but also partners with agencies throughout the county to provide Community-based services. Recent collaborative partners include the United Way, Grow-A-Row, Harvest Family Success Center, and area Food Pantries.

Roundtable discussions between the county representatives touched upon common topics of concern including low housing availability, transportation shortages and the growing rise of mental health issues.

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