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Hunterdon County Recognizes World War 2 Veteran Michael Parisi for his 99th Birthday

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hunterdon County Commissioner Zachary T. Rich hands a proclamation to World War 2 Veteran Michael Parisi

Commissioner Zachary T. Rich honored Stockton Resident, and World War 2 Veteran, Michael Parisi in Kingwood Township last week; on the occasion of his 99th Birthday.

Commissioner Rich stated the following at the October 15th Board of County Commissioners meeting, where the Board moved to adopt the proclamation honoring Mr. Parisi.

"Last week I had the immense pleasure and honor of attending World War 2 Veteran Michael Parisi’s 99th Birthday Celebration in Kingwood Township. Mr. Parisi was surrounded by roughly 100 of his closest friends to celebrate his many accomplishments and wonderful life.

Mr. Parisi is an active member of the Hunterdon County Senior Center and the Square Dancing group the “Hunterdon Flutterwheels”

Hunterdon County Proclamation Honoring Michael Parisi on his 99th Birthday

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