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Hunterdon County Surrogate Court Re-opened For In-person Service To The Public March 14th

Office Operated Remotely During Post Holiday Covid-19 Spike

County Surrogate Susan J. Hoffman announced that the Surrogate Court re-opened to in-person traffic on March 14th, welcoming business back inside the Justice Center on Park Avenue, after closing for a little more than two months due to a COVID spike after the holidays, Commissioner Susan J. Soloway reported at the March 15th Board meeting.

Commissioner Soloway, the Board’s liaison to the Surrogate’s Office, said at the meeting, “I am pleased to report that County Surrogate Susan Hoffman re-opened the Surrogate Court for in-person traffic this past Monday, March 14th.

The Surrogate’s office, while serving the public remotely, was closed to in person traffic on January 7th under guidance from both the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts and the County’s Department of Health, as the number of post holidays Covid cases spiked.”

Surrogate Susan J. Hoffman said, “Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Court completed all duties and obligations, even when fully remote, but we are glad to be back to serve the public in-person.”

In addition to announcing the news of the Court re-opening to the public, Surrogate Hoffman shared a Surrogate Court Update with the Board. The Court Update included statistical information and an update on operations.

Serving six consecutive terms, Surrogate Hoffman remains a hands-on Surrogate and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the Court continued serving the public, fulfilling requests, and allowing business to be conducted virtually.

Soloway said, “It should also be noted that the Surrogate plays a key role with the work involving adoption with the adopting parents, Family Court, the adoptive child, and any involved adoption agencies. Ms. Hoffman reported that the Hunterdon County Surrogate Court is number one in the state for adoption clearance.”

“Surrogate Hoffman’s operation is an important, yet unheralded function of county government and has proven to be a great asset to the people of Hunterdon County throughout her long and outstanding tenure as Surrogate,” Soloway concluded.

For more information about the Surrogate Court, click here.

To contact the Surrogate Court call 908-788-1156 or email,

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