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Hunterdon Division Working To Prevent Price Gouging For Baby Formula

Hunterdon County’s Division of Weights and Measures is participating in the state’s Baby Formula Pricing Task Force by conducting price verification audits at supermarkets, pharmacies, and other formula sellers in the county.

The County’s Superintendent of Weights and Measures, Millard ‘Buddy’ Rooks, stated, “The verification audit program began on May 24th and is designed to ensure that price gouging is not taking place. The state has also directed that information on formula availability in the county be reported.”

Mr. Rooks noted, “The price charged for formula that exceeds 10% over the price at the time the Governor declared a State of Emergency is considered price gouging.

One sign of over pricing is large discrepancies between prices offered by different sellers. Where I determine the possibility of price gouging, the State Office of Weights and Measures will be notified, and penalties can be issued.”

Mr. Rooks said, “Additionally, I am looking to ensure that the price charged at checkout is the same as the price that is advertised. Violations and fines can also be levied for price misrepresentation.”

Hunterdon County Board of Commissioners Director John E. Lanza stated, “It is bad enough that baby formula is so very hard to find, ensuring there isn’t price gouging during the shortage is a major element of the Division of Weights and Measures’ mission. The enforcement program serves as an important consumer protection. Unscrupulous sellers should beware.”

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