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Hunterdon Health Director Reports First Day Of No COVID-19 Positives In Fifteen Months

No Appointment Needed For

June 10 Drive Thru Vaccination Clinic

Commissioner Shaun Van Doren

Hunterdon County’s Health Director announced that over 17,700 vaccinations have been administered by the Department and a zero daily COVID-19 case count in the County, for the first time since March, 2020, during a report to the Board of Commissioners, at the June 1st Board meeting.

Health Department Director Karen DeMarco reported that the County’s drive thru clinic at the Route 12 County Complex in Raritan Township will accept those seeking vaccinations without an appointment on June 10 between 10am and 2pm.

DeMarco also told the Board that the Department is collaborating with smaller community-based clinics, Houses of Worship, the Human Services Department, and Senior apartment buildings in providing more localized vaccinations.

The Health Director noted that there were zero COVID-19 cases reported in Hunterdon County on June 1st, that the County has seen 8888 confirmed cases since March, 2020, and that 17,779 first and second vaccine doses have been administered by the County since December.

Commissioner Shaun C. Van Doren, the Board’s liaison for the Health Department commented, “The entire Health Department staff, the Medical Reserve Corps volunteers, and the many other County employees who have volunteered to assist at the drive thru clinic are responsible for the program’s success.

The latest Health Department report on the effect of the pandemic in the County is encouraging. So, while we may not yet have turned the corner, I think we can say the corner is very much in sight.”

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