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Hunterdon Parks Repaired After Damage Caused By Ida

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Fishing, Hiking And Recreation Return, In Time For Summer Season

Hunterdon County recently repaired sections at the South Branch Reservation, Wescott Preserve and Hoffman Park for use during the summer season after damages occurred as a result of Tropical Storm Ida last year which rendered many areas unusable or unsafe, Commissioner Board Deputy Director Zachary T. Rich recently reported.

Deputy Director Rich, the Board’s Parks and Recreation liaison, said, “The county’s parks, preserved areas, and reservations are important to residents and visitors alike. Providing safe, fun and plentiful outdoor activities is what we’re known for in Hunterdon County. It’s great to have all three areas ready for the current summer season.”

Hoffman Park in Union Township had the dock repaired at Manny’s Pond. This dock is open to the public for fishing, bird watching or just enjoying nature.

Parks and Recreation Division Head, Dan Bush, said, “This is a barrier free dock and has barrier free parking by permit for those with disabilities. After the damage due to flooding from Tropical Storm Ida, it’s great to have the dock open again.”

Westcott and Sunnyside, at the South Branch Reservation, had damaged parking lots resulting from swift water runoff during Tropical Storm Ida. New permeable pavers have been installed to lessen the effects of runoff and allow for the recharge of rainwater back into the soil.

Rich continued, “Wescott is considered the first park in the county, predating the Parks Division which was established in 1973, and is an important piece of county history. Updating the parking lot ensures that everyone can continue to come and enjoy all that the Hunterdon County Parks System has to offer.

Sunnyside is a beautiful picnic area in Clinton Township and is considered a special spot where each of the county’s sixteen victims of September 11th have had a tree planted to honor and remember them, as well as a plaque listing their names on a large monument stone.”

Rich noted, “The monument and trees at Sunnyside are in a location called ‘Awossagame Grove’ and ‘Awossagame’ in Leni Lenape means heaven or sacred place. This is truly a sacred place and one that is deserving of our care.”

Sunnyside Park is located at 47 Kiceniuk Road in Clinton, Westcott Preserve is located at 70 Raven Rock-Rosemont Road in Stockton and Hoffman Park is located at 26 Baptist Church Road in Hampton.

“This summer I encourage everyone to make use of the county parks and hiking trails, fishing spots and preserves. Enjoying the beautiful outdoor recreation spaces is one of the reasons Hunterdon County is consistently named one of the healthiest county’s nationwide,” Rich concluded.

For more information about the county’s parks, click here or call 908-782-1158

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