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Information & Resources For Hunterdon County Residents

At the April 4th, Commissioners Board Meeting, the Hunterdon County Division of GIS along with the Board of Elections and Hunterdon County Clerk, announced the launch of a new interactive web mapping app for Hunterdon County voters. The app is the first of its kind for Hunterdon County voters, and it will enhance the county’s efforts to provide election and voting information to residents.

Commissioner, John Lanza, who also serves as the liaison to the Board of Elections said, “This

interactive mapping app is an original, state-of-the-art technological tool. I applaud the Division of GIS and Board of Elections for collaborating on this innovative project, which empowers voters with real time knowledge of important election dates, where to locate their polling locations, complete with turn-by-turn directions.”

The County in partnership with the Board of Elections and Hunterdon County Clerk are

distributing posters with scannable QR codes to public spaces throughout Hunterdon County.

Voters can use this app to find information regarding elections, legislative or congressional

districts, polling place locations, early voting options and to find information on their local


Director Commissioner, Zach Rich shared his excitement about the new app, ”This is truly an

advanced and innovative way to assist voters with easy access to constituent resources.

Hunterdon County’s election process is recognized as the best in the state, thanks to the efforts of the County Division of GIS, the Board of Elections, and the Hunterdon County Clerk. There are many ways for residents to utilize this new app and we encourage our voters to take advantage of this leading-edge resource.”

Administrator for the Hunterdon County Board of Elections, Beth Thompson shared, “Ensuring

that those you serve have confidence in what you do is extremely important as a public

servant. As the Administrator of the Hunterdon County Board of Elections, I will continue to

work hard to ensure that our voting public is informed and confident in the election process by continuing to strive to develop tools like this application.”

The Interactive Voter Resource Center can be found by visiting:

The Voter Resource Center can also be accessed through scanning the attached QR code with a mobile device.

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