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Hunterdon County’s ‘Explore Hunterdon’ Tourism Website Goes Live

The county’s first tourism website is part of a broad campaign to invite the region to explore Hunterdon’s charms

Hunterdon County welcomes all to explore the other side of Jersey this summer season, and experience the County’s picturesque countryside, unique agrotourism, charming villages and main streets, rich farmland, historic sites, and beverage tourism, all within a conveniently short drive.

The County has officially launched the Explore Hunterdon NJ tourism campaign funded by the County’s Commissioner Board, that features a new website ( to entice visitors to explore the county’s significant number of tourism attractions. Visitors are also encouraged to visit Explore Hunterdon on Facebook at @explorehunterdonnj and Instagram at @explorehunterdonnj to stay up-do-date on happenings and announcements in Hunterdon County, as well as announcements regarding the new campaign launch.

“We are serious about tourism, and we’re definitely committed to building the Hunterdon brand,” explained Commissioner Director John Lanza. “When people hear the Hunterdon name, we want them to instantly have images of our vineyards, our main streets, our great biking, and more. We want all of the great activities and destinations here to be top of mind when they see our brand.”

According to Economic Development & Tourism Director Marc Saluk, the new Explore Hunterdon website features a trip planner, events calendar, blogs of trip ideas, directories to great destinations such as winery’s farmer’s markets, and outdoor adventures, a main street/town guide, family fun planning, and much more.

“The website entices visitors to start planning their next trip by showcasing everything Hunterdon County has to offer, including local events, festivals, historic attractions and new activities, restaurants, hotels, and the county’s own recommended adventures,” explained Saluk.

According to Commissioner Susan Soloway, the county has many popular destinations such as Old York Cellars, Bobolink Dairy, beautiful main street Lambertville, and more, but historically people tended to visit just one.

“This is largely because we haven’t always done a great job of letting tourists know about the recreation opportunities all around them. This initiative is designed to do just that so that people will realize that a whole weekend or more is needed to explore and enjoy Hunterdon. We’re far more than just a day trip.”

The County also continues to invite visitors to explore popular initiatives such as the 579 Trail (, the Hunterdon Beer Trail (, Hunterdon Main Streets (, and Bike Hunterdon (

Located along the Delaware River, Hunterdon County is the ideal New Jersey destination for those looking for a short vacation, weekend escape, day trip, or romantic getaway with a variety of attractions and things to do to keep visitors entertained and relaxed. Fishing, boating, cycling, horseback riding, and golfing are just some of the many outdoor activities that attract thousands of visitors to Hunterdon County each year.

For more information on Explore Hunterdon, follow Hunterdon County on Facebook at @explorehunterdonnj and on Instagram at @explorehunterdonnj or call the Hunterdon County Economic Development & Tourism Office at 908-399-1108.

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