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Hunterdon County Thanks Public Health Workers; During Public Health Appreciation Week

Hunterdon County Thanks Public Health Workers; During Public Health Appreciation Week (April 4th - April 10th)
Health Department Director, Karen DeMarco accepts a Proclamation from Board Director John E. Lanza; in recognition of Public Health Week (April 4th -April 10th)

National Public Health Appreciation Week is a time specifically set aside to recognize the contributions of those providing public health services, most particularly the public health professionals who have been tested as never before over the course of the last two years during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the extraordinary sacrifice, dedication, and courage of all public health workers throughout the nation during the pandemic warrants recognition, the personnel serving the public in the Hunterdon County Department of Health deserve special acclaim for performing their duties at the highest level of competence, through one of the most difficult and threatening health periods in our history.

Protecting the public health in Hunterdon County has long been a shared service provided for all of the County’s municipalities by the County government, services that include public health nursing, protecting environmental health, retail food inspections, hazardous materials response and enforcement, mosquito and vector control, rabies control, septic system inspection, public health preparedness, recycling, weights and measures consumer protection, disease control, and numerous other programs.

The Department of Health’s staff is a multi-disciplinary group, working as a team, that includes a trained, certified, and experienced Licensed Health Officer and Epidemiologist, as well as Public Health Nurses, Registered Environmental Health Specialists, Health Educators, Entomologists, and Infectious Disease Specialists.

No recognition and appreciation of the efforts to protect the public health in Hunterdon County, particularly during the pandemic, would be complete without the acknowledgment of the incredible volunteer services of the County’s Medical Reserve Corps, a group of medical professionals who continue to dedicate their time for the people of Hunterdon County,

The County of Hunterdon, Board of County Commissioners, that the week of April 4th through April 10th, 2022, is dedicated as Public Health Appreciation Week and that the Board expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many public health professionals and workers, both in the Hunterdon County Department of Health and throughout the nation, for their remarkable efforts to protect the public health.

The Board of Commissioners call upon the residents of Hunterdon County to take a moment during this week to reflect upon the ongoing sacrifice and dedication of our County’s public health professionals, workers, and volunteers.

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