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NJTPA Update

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

As the Board’s representative to the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, I can report that the Board’s position on holding up the DOT’s rockfall mitigation projects has been clearly conveyed to both NJTPA and the NJDOT.

In addition to providing both agencies with a copy of the Board’s resolution calling for a pause on the rockfall projects, I have requested a meeting with both the NJTPA and NJDOT staffs to outline the concerns expressed by our residents, local government officials and the Board.

Specifically, regarding the NJTPA’s draft FY 2022 Transportation Improvement Plan or TIP, I have requested that no further action, budgeting or work take place until the matter can be further discussed.

I can also report that Senator Mike Doherty has written to the DOT Commissioner in support of the County’s position and has requested that the Department meet with local officials and residents to discuss alternatives.

We are most appreciative of the Senator’s support.

There are at least an additional eight other projects proposed for Hunterdon County bridges and road in the draft TIP for which we are working to secure funding commitments and I will comment on those projects at a future meeting.

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