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Placing Flags In Honor of Memorial Day

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Last week, I had the great honor, as Veterans liaison, to join with a group of our Veterans in the Memorial Day tradition of placing American flags at the gravesites of Hunterdon County Veterans.

There is a truly a humbling feeling when looking out through a cemetery, seeing a sea of flags, recognizing that right here in Hunterdon County so many have answered the call of the nation.

I thank the Veterans I joined that day for allowing me to participate in this solemn duty; remembering and paying tribute to those who have served who are no longer with us. Veterans, scouts, and church groups participated in the flag decoration program this year. Placing over 11,000 flags at gravesites throughout the county.

I thank all who participated in the program, helping to ensure that we continue to recognize that Memorial Day is a special and solemn day.

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