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Meetings Will Return To Administration Building in July

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Pursuant to the annual meeting notice approved at the Board’s re-organization meeting in January, the improving health situation, and the latest executive orders, this will be the next to last meeting held here in the Historic Courthouse. Board of Commissioners meetings will be returning to what was previously called the Freeholders meeting room, now to be known as the Commissioners meeting room, in the Administration Building, beginning with the July 6th meeting. One of our concerns has been the wear and tear on the Historic Courthouse which is in fact historic and is not a facility that should be hosting regular meetings. Additionally, there are difficulties with the acoustics, which has been expressed from time to time by those who have called into the meeting. The Board, as has been the custom over the past few years, will return to the Historic Courthouse for the final regular meeting of the year on December 21st.

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