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Public Safety Update

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Coordinator Brayden Fahey advises that today marks the first day of hurricane season, and the Department urges residents to make efforts to prepare for emergent events. Even though hurricanes or super storms are rare in Hunterdon County, superstorm Sandy taught us we are not immune. And storm events at even less than superstorm status can still have serious consequences. The Department advised that residents should know their flood risk, and how they will evacuate if directed to do so.

Before a storm is the time to review insurance policies to understand coverage and make adjustments, if needed. Recently, FEMA hosted a hazard mitigation program on flooding and flood insurance for Hunterdon County. Information on that presentation can be found on the Department’s webpage. Also, residents should visit and the County’s OEM webpage to learn more about stockpiling supplies responsibly. Above all, the public should know where to go for trusted information. Register cell phones, email addresses and unlisted phone numbers with the Hunterdon County Community Alerts system by visiting the website or contacting Hunterdon Helpline for assistance.

As we learned with superstorm Sandy nine years ago, it only takes one storm to have a lasting effect on a community. Additionally, from our OEM staff and 9-1-1 team to the CERT team, the Medical Reserve Corps, the Health Department and our first responders, Hunterdon County has proven itself to be up to the task of full emergency response since the beginning of the pandemic 15 months ago. And all involved will continue to be ready to protect and assist the public in the face of any and all emergencies.

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