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Update on Open Space and Farmland Efforts Throughout the County

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Commissioner Matt Holt Discusses Open Space and Farmland in Hunterdon County

From the Planning Department, I can report that the staff, including the Counsel’s office, have been very busy locking up additional open space and farmland preservation parcels throughout the first part of the year.

Open space preservation closings have taken place or are expected in the immediate future include: the 38 acre Stanton manor property in Readington, the 125 acre Denton property in Lebanon Township, Readington’s Fitzgerald property which is 30 acres, The Maritan Property, 104 acres in Kingwood, the GenOn property, 70 acres in Holland, 50 acres of the Saums property in Readington, and the CRC Mine Road property, 98 acres in Bethlehem. Farmland preservation closings happenings include: The Curtis farm in Delaware Township, 65 acres, The Thomas farm in East Amwell, 30 acres, The Kappus Farm in Alexandria, 30 acres and, The Silva Farm in Holland, 129 acres. With these latest additions to the farmland preservation program, the County is moving very close to having 35,000 farmland acres under preservation.

That is a notable achievement which we hope to see realized in 2021. Gaining these preserved lands requires a great deal of work by a great many people, including local officials in our municipalities, funding partners like the Hunterdon Land Trust, the State Agriculture Development Committee, and Green Acres. It also entails a willingness to participate by property owners for whom we are always appreciative.

The fact that all parties continued to work towards successful completion of these projects, despite the pandemic and having to work remotely for a good part of the last fifteen months, should not be lost on anyone. It demonstrates a great dedication and I am joined by my colleagues on the Board in thanking all involved in the process.

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